AI Grammar Checker for English

This AI Grammar Checker for English info:

AI Grammar Checker for English lets you check for spelling and grammar mistakes at any time.

AI Grammar Checker can help you make sure your message is clear and error-free, whether you’re writing an English paper for school, proofreading emails at work, talking about business, or writing a letter to a friend.

Main points:

Auto-correct for English Grammar:

AI Grammar Checker can quickly and accurately fix a wide range of spelling and grammar mistakes, such as misspelled words, wrong phrases, wrong verb tenses, subject-predicate inconsistencies, and wrong punctuation.

A lot of real data about fixing mistakes:

AI Grammar Checker is based on corrections that real people on HelloTalk made to thousands of sentences. Corrections are more real and accurate, as if a native English speaker could help you check your grammar at any time. Every change is based on how real English speakers talk, which could make your English sound more real.

Analysis in Depth Provided:

AI Grammar Checker will keep track of each grammar mistake and compare the original text to the corrected text. This will help you figure out what kinds of grammar mistakes you make most often. Thoughtful ways to fix grammar mistakes that will help you see where you’re weak and not make the same mistakes again.

AI Grammar Checker for English
AI Grammar Checker for English

Inside App:

You can also search right inside the app if you want to see the analysis from other grammar websites or Google.

Improve your listening and writing skills:

AI Grammar Checker can also read from text. The content that has been proofread matches how it is really said, which helps you get a better feel for the language while remembering the right English grammar.

OCR Text Scanner AI Grammar has a built-in OCR camera function that can accurately recognize text in a picture without you having to type it in by hand. It can also fix any grammar mistakes on its own.

Translation of Word:

With just one click, you can find out what a word means and how to say it. At the moment, Word Translation can translate between 109 different languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and so on. If you have automatic grammar correction, there will be nothing stopping you from getting better at English.

Here are some real Google Play reviews:

@Maggie Yung: It’s a good app that helps me get better at writing in English.
@deepa Subramanian: Awesome. It’s very simple and will help us feel better about what we write. It is very helpful for formal conversations and letters.

AI Grammar Checker will help you improve your writing so that grammar won’t get in the way of what you want to say in English.


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