Amazing New Features of Office 12

Amazing New Features of Office 12

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Best 10 Features of Windows Office 12

1. The new system will support sharing workspaces and exchanging information across corporate boundaries. Incorporating P2P capabilities, the system is all set to take a giant leap forward.

2. All programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have a new look. The new user interface has a souvenir of repeatedly used commands and operations, which will enhance usability instead of drop-down menus.

3. The server-based capabilities include document rights and workflow management.

4. Deeper incorporation of XML will make the system a development platform. Developers can create software that interoperates with the system without hitches.

5. One facet under appreciation is “out-of-the-box secure enterprise instant messaging.

6. Especially designed Contextual Command Tabs. Clicking the page will call up the Command-Tab with relevant tools for making changes.

7. Galleries are arena regional improved as the ‘heart’ of the redesigned applications. In this, the user can create professionally laid documents.

8. A system known as Live Preview is a brand new technology that will enable the user to view in a gallery the editing or changed formatting executed on a document.

9. Faster document authoring will be possible with the incorporation of custom-built layouts and slide libraries. Through SharePoint, the user can also store their slides and forms in this function.

10. In the case of the revamped Excel, it will support SQL Server 2005 and have much-awaited features like greater spreadsheet capacity, tools for sorting and filtering, and extensive data visualization capabilities. The user will be able to access, analyze, and share information securely and efficiently within the system and between databases and enterprise applications.

The system is designed to run on Windows XP Service Pack 2, Longhorn client, or updated versions of windows with at least an SQL server 2000. Office 12 will support x64 platforms, but it is not sure whether the support will be shipped with Office 12 or separately.

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