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A great app for learning English and Korean that 100 million people around the world use. Learn English and Korean with free videos and audio content that is added every day. We only help you learn Korean in English right now. But don’t be afraid! Soon, there will be more languages.

You can learn real English phrases picked by people who know English well.
Use quizzes to test your speaking skills and review what you’ve learned.
With practice and repetition, it will be easy to remember the expressions.
If you keep learning English and Korean with Cake, you will definitely get better at both.

I like it:

  • Learn with videos of your favorite stars, artists, and vloggers.
  • It also has a lot of exciting stuff that we made ourselves.

You can learn English like a native speaker:

– Learn the real English used in vlogs, movies, and TV shows.
– Get used to different accents and ways of saying words.
– You can learn many different ways to say the same thing.

Cake will help you learn how to talk better:

  • Watch videos with subtitles, and after each line, say it out loud.
  • Our AI can check how you say things.
  • Practice talking like you would in real life.

Learn one step at a time:

– Choose a topic that interests you and use our “class” feature to learn about it step by step.
– Use the “classes” made by English experts to help you learn.
– You can talk and listen to each other like you would in a real conversation.

Cake - Learn English & Korean
Cake – Learn English & Korean

Repeat and make changes:

– Use fun quizzes to review what you’ve learned.
– Keep the sentences you like and see how well you can use them.

Every day for 10 minutes:

  • Get your daily study goals done and you’ll feel good about yourself.
  • The more you feel like you’ve learned, the more you’ll want to keep learning.

Unique things about the cake are:

  • Daily Expression Clips: Every day, new phrases are added, and they are grouped by topic.
  • Original lectures: Cake made English and Korean lectures.
  • Classes: Putting lectures, videos, and quizzes into several courses lets you study step by step.
  • Quizzes for listening, key phrases, reviews, and a lot of other ways to test your knowledge.
  • Speak: Use audio learning to improve your listening and speaking skills.
  • Today’s conversation: Listening and speaking skills can be improved by having a new conversation every day.
  • Save sentences and words: Practice and repeat sentences and words that you choose.

Cake Plus can help you learn more.
Get an app with no ads and as many hearts as you want.
You can see content that is only available on Cake Plus, and you can save as many words and sentences as you want.
Experts in English chose real English phrases!
Every time you use Cake, your English will get better.

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