IELTSAce – Instant IELTS speak

About The App:

This is a paid app, so keep that in mind. The app lets you try 5 IELTS questions for free and then charges a one-time fee of $5 for access to all topics for a year. ***

IELTSAce Help Speaking:

IELTSAce can help you get ready for the speaking part of the IELTS. The app has 50 full-length speaking questions and answers from the IELTS exam. You can hear each question and record your answer. The app immediately gives you an estimate of your IELTS speaking score after you record your answer.

IELTSAce Instant IELTS speak
IELTSAce Instant IELTS speak

IELTS Score:

The app’s IELTS score is also available at the sentence level. You can click on each sentence to just work on that one. Also, the app figures out automatically which words you don’t say right and puts them in the “weak words” section.

IELTSAce Vocabulary:

IELTSAce also has a vocabulary section that helps you learn the top 1000 words you need to know for the IELTS test.

IELTSAce Feedback:

Last but not least, IELTSAce gives you feedback on how fast you talk and how often you pause. The app also keeps track of your best, average, and worst IELTS speaking scores so you can see how you’re doing.

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