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Programming Languages:

You can learn to code for free with short, fun lessons. Over 20 programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, C#, Java, SWIFT, Go, and C++, can be used to write code, practice, and build it. Each coding course is made by professional developers who know how to make it work for your level. Practice with code and real-world exercises are important parts of learning paths that help you write code: You even get a place to practice writing code online.

Whether you’re new to coding or already a developer, our coding academy can help you improve your coding skills and move up in your career.

Sololearn Learn To Code Practice:

Learn to code and practice it every day with content that is up to date. Explore our collection of coding courses and ask for help from other people learning to code when you need it. 40 million people around the world are learning to code in Python, JavaScript, Go, C++, Ruby, HTML, and more. Build code, learn algorithms and data structures, make software that focuses on machine learning, figure out how to read design patterns, and compete against other developers in fun coding games.

Customized Coding Content That Fits Your Skill Level:

No matter where you are in the process of learning to code, Sololearn can help you at any point. We have the right course for you, whether you’re a beginner trying to make your first JavaScript app and learn how databases work or an experienced coder who wants to learn more about Python, C#, and C++. Use our coding academy to learn at your own pace and focus on the things you want to improve.


Our programming courses break down difficult ideas into short, easy lessons that only take a few minutes to finish. After you learn the theory, you’ll be able to try out what you’ve learned with real-life exercises. Python, JavaScript, C#, and SQL are all programming languages. The online code editor has these and other programming languages, so you can try out what you learn and make your own projects. Quizzes and daily coding exercises let you see how much you know. And you can always go PRO if you want to learn more quickly.


Do you have questions about Python, C++, HTML, Go, SQL, JavaScript, Ruby, or another programming language? Having constant help from the community makes learning to code fun. Sololearn can also be reached directly through the app or by sending an email to [email protected]

Sololearn Learn to Code
Sololearn Learn to Code


You can write code, run programs, and share ideas for free from your phone using our online code editor. You can learn how to code in some of the most popular languages in the world. Practice your Python, Java, C++, Ruby, HTML, CSS, C#, SQL, or JavaScript coding skills.


With our coding academy, you can start learning how to write code or move up in your career. Get a certificate for each course you complete, whether it’s in Python, C++, SQL, or Ruby. Your tech career will improve if you show off your coding skills and share your Sololearn academy certificate on LinkedIn.

Sololearn makes it fun to learn how to code. Here are a few examples of how you can learn:

  • Access a huge number of online courses on coding and programming
  • Small lessons help you learn.
  • Use games and real-life challenges to get ready.
  • Get XP and compete with other coders.
  • Run real code in our online code editor to learn how to code.
  • Get help from our community of coders and join millions of people who are good at coding.
  • Use Objective-C and SWIFT to make your first app.
  • Use Java and Kotlin to make an Android app.
  • Use HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React, and JQuery to make your first website.

Sololearn is a way to learn to code and help you reach your goals.


Support: [email protected]
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Go to in your browser to use Sololearn.

Anyone can learn how to write code. Sololearn is a great place to start your tech career right now.

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